"Nutech Capital Resources is a financial services consultant for businesses, medical professions, and personal needs. We provide access to commercial loans, venture capital, developer loans, bridge and hard money loans, and some 100% loan programs. In addition, we are affiliated with many funding sources of receivables financing for invoices, purchase orders, and contracts. Other programs are also available such as equipment leasing, cash for business notes or real estate notes, and lawsuit financing." />

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Some of the many different kinds of funding we deal with are listed below.
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Commercial Loans
Developer Loans
Bridge Loans
Hard Money Loans
Large World Wide Project Financing
Invoices and Account Receivables
Purchase Order Financing
Accounts Payable Financing
Credit Lines - Asset Based Lending
Contract Financing
Equipment Leasing
Real Estate Note Financing
Structured Settlement Financing
Inheritance Funding
Lawsuit Financing - Plaintiff or Attorney

Other Resources:

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Nutech Capital Resource Your Ultimate Resource for Business Capital or Personal Capital. All kinds and amounts. USA and beyond.

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